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Writing Tip o’ the Day

Which is not to say I’ll be managing to post a writing tip every day, but here goes. Ask yourself two questions as you’re writing a scene, or outlining your novel: “What’s the worst that could happen here?  And what’s the best that could happen?” I considered this in relation to the novel I’m outlining… Continue reading Writing Tip o’ the Day

The Writing Process · Writing Tips & Advice

Jelly and Outlining a Novel

I haven’t posted any more stories for a short while because I’ve been trying to outline material for a full length novel. Well, an 80-90,000 novel. That’s what I’ve learned is the standard, acceptable length for the average adult fiction. Dividing it into Three Acts, and subdividing those into chapters. It was like trying to… Continue reading Jelly and Outlining a Novel

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The Apprentice (part two)

The dwarf set off at a run down the stone spiral staircase of the Master Wizard’s Tower, panting hard. Undaril walked to one of the windows to watch the pandemonium. Some people were running for shelter while others tried to catch beads in hats and baskets; still others put their umbrellas up. The air was… Continue reading The Apprentice (part two)