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Writing Tip o’ the Day

Which is not to say I’ll be managing to post a writing tip every day, but here goes.

Ask yourself two questions as you’re writing a scene, or outlining your novel: “What’s the worst that could happen here?  And what’s the best that could happen?”

I considered this in relation to the novel I’m outlining at the moment, and immediately thought of a fire burning the place down. Then I thought that the antagonist could set the fire. Then I thought that is way over the top, you crazy woman! Because my Inner Critic is pretty fierce and hates flights of imagination – a bit of a hindrance when you’re trying to write fiction.

Having beaten my Inner Critic about the head and neck with a saucepan, I’m now wondering about my protagonist being wrongly blamed for setting the fire… Or maybe a bomb goes off. Or a plane crashes onto the building… All sorts of new directions are occurring to me now – mostly they are crazy, but something might be usable. So, I hope it helps you – let me know if you have any handy tips xxx


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