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The Mother of All Character Checklists

Here are 89 exciting character traits to help you create more realistic fictional people than ever before! I’ve been adding to it for the past year or so since I started my novel. I don’t fill in all the points unless it’s one of the main characters -for minor characters I just pick the aspects that most stand out for that person.

I hope you find the list useful. If so, please give it a like and follow me for more writing tips.

Happy writing!


  • Age:

  • Birthday:

  • Body type:

  • Posture:

    • How do they sit:

    • How do they stand & walk:

  • Shape of the face (long/oval/square/round)

  • Eyes:

  • Nose: shape & size

  • Mouth:

  • Skin: freckles? Spots? Blackheads? Wrinkles? Pale? Red? Sagging? Tight? Rough? Pores?

  • Hair:

  • Voice:

  • Speech:

    • Accent:

    • Speech patterns (long/short):

    • Swearing?

  • Typical expressions:

    • When happy –

    • When sad –

    • When angry –

    • When frustrated –

  • Non-verbal habits:

  • Other idiosyncrasies:

  • Clothes:

  • What people would notice first about them:

  • Health & fitness:

  • Where do they live:


  • Significant Other:

  • Family:

  • Friends:

  • Pets:

  • Enemies:

  • Exes:


  • Places lived:

  • School they went to:

  • Favourite subject in school:

  • Uni & degree:

  • Past jobs:


  • Education level:

  • Intelligence:

  • Job:

  • Salary:

  • Good at:

  • No good at:

  • Greatest success:

  • Biggest failure:

  • Main goal:

  • Hopes and dreams:

  • Hobbies:


  • Myers-Briggs type:

  • Star sign:
  • Disposition: 

  • Personality strengths:

  • Personality weaknesses:

  • Major vulnerability:

  • Inner conflict:

  • How viewed by others:

  • What people like best about them:

  • Do they like themselves:

  • How they would describe themselves:

  • What do people love most about this person?

  • What do people dislike/hate the most?

  • Confidence level:

  • How much self control & self discipline:

  • Core need:

  • Personal demons:

  • Fears:

  • Optimistic/pessimistic:

  • Tidy or messy:

  • What makes them angry:

  • What makes them cry:

  • What makes them laugh:

  • Ways to cheer them up:

  • Ways to annoy them:

  • Reaction when people are nasty/rude to them:

  • What they care about most in the world:

  • Morality level:

  • Relationship with God/church:

  • Do they have a secret?

  • How is this character different at the end of the book from at the beginning, and what causes this change?


  • Likes:

    • Food:

    • Drink:

    • Music:

    • Books:

    • Films:

    • Sport:

  • Car:

  • Shops at:

  • What’s in their kitchen?

  • What’s in their medicine cabinet?

  • Describe their bedroom:

  • Who they most admire:

  • Typical day:

  • What are they doing in their lives RIGHT NOW?

Now summarise the character in one sentence:

And you’re done! Please do let me know if you think of any further points to add to the list!


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