Miscellaneous Rants · Poems

The Tinsel Wall

The tree is up,
Wreath’s on the door
All presents wrapped
Fridge can’t take more.

Put up the tinsel wall.

Welcome all!
Come on in
Except for you,
You’re not our kin.

We’ve got our tinsel wall.

Your candle arch
Look mate, hey
You’ll never beat
Our huge display.

Behold our tinsel wall!

Peace on earth
Goodwill to men
By that we mean
Our Rick, our Jen.

Inside our tinsel wall.

You bought a tree?
Blimey, screw you!
Don’t even try
Coz we’ll outdo you.

Put up the tinsel wall.

Party hard
Then down the boozer
You got no mates
You total loser.

Beyond our tinsel wall.

You’re on your own
Well that’s tough luck
Coz we’re alright
Don’t give a fuck.

Behind our tinsel wall.

Family’s here
We’re havin fun
You eat your TV meal
For one


Talk to the tinsel wall.


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