Ode to a small brown chickpea found in my plughole one morning*

There’s a chickpea in the plughole in the kitchen
It stays there till it rots, ain’t no use bitchin’
I never clean the sink
Cos I always tend to think
It’s harmless just so long as it ain’t twitchin’.

I spotted the recalcitrant chickpea as I was filling the Tassimo for coffee, prior to working on the first draft of my novel – the first draft I’ve been “working on” for over a year now – the first draft which is going slower than Slow Jeff McSlow, winner of last year’s “Mr Slow” competition, slower than a geriatric amputee snail on a glacier – just very, very, very slow.

It demonstrates the lengths I’ll go to in terms of procrastination that I’d rather write a limerick about a rotting chickpea. Beat that if you can.

* With apologies to Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz.


7 thoughts on “Ode to a small brown chickpea found in my plughole one morning*

  1. I admire your level of procrastination. And especially the beautiful creative output it inspires! Lots of love from a fellow procrastinatress.

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  2. You can tell a lot about a person from the references she makes. May I just say how much I like what you reference, and how. All the best with your slow-moving novel, and remember: Don’t Panic!

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