The ‘L’ Word

Me, myself, I
I, myself, me
I did this I did that I went here I went there
Well I went –
Oh, did you? Then I met X and I met Y and we chilled.

I am my world and my world is me
My fam, my friends
All my warm people
My fortress of love.
I stare through the slits at you
Over my moat
But I don’t see you
Don’t know you
Don’t want to know you.

You is me.
Me, here, asking how are you?
Always how are you?
Oh did you? That’s great!
Oh have you? That’s nice.
Oh will you? That’s cool.


No walls, no moat
Just pain, inside
Aching weight
Rain that won’t fall
Can’t fall
Illegal emotion.

But I can’t chide away
The L word
Always here
Deep inside
The shame of it
The pain of it
The truth of it


Outside your fortress.



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