What are your five writing strengths?

So often we as writers are well aware of our weaknesses, but rarely take stock of  our strengths. I think it’s a good exercise – not least to look at on those bleak days and remind ourselves we DO have some things going for us!

So here are mine:

1. Plotting and planning. I love this. The whole ‘rubbing my hands together and cackling’ thing really floats my boat.

2. Humour. It seems to find its way into my stories whatever I do.

3. Editing. I’d say I do have a decent instinct for when stuff doesn’t work or doesn’t add to the story… I weep as I wield the axe, but I do wield the axe.

4. Getting harder now… I love people-watching. That’s got to be a writing strength? I eavesdrop in cafes, ears flapping, fingers poised, for that juicy weird/funny line or story. I can’t be trusted not to use anything and everything people tell me.

5. I love learning. I’m addicted to it. I listen to podcasts and YouTube videos on writing every day, several times a day, as I toil at my chores. And I’ve always got a how-to manual on the go. Learning by your own mistakes is definitely a way to learn, but learning from the wisdom of veterans is just so much quicker!

What are your writing strengths? Leave a comment and let me know!

Many thanks to Kristen Kieffer over at Well-Storied for this idea!


10 thoughts on “What are your five writing strengths?

    1. Playing with language is a great strength! The joy in our language – being able to alter the wording just a touch and bringing a whole new shade of meaning, or humour. The use of unusual, surprising words…


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