Attention Deficit

This brain
Is full.

Speeding traffic
Going nowhere
Cogs churning
Making nothing.

Dreams dance here,
Concepts shimmer
Darting shafts of light
Teasing, enticing –

I reach out
From my maelstrom
Towards normality
Bent heads,
Still, concentrating,
Impossible as the moon.

And my resolutions gather
I will, I will, I will –
This year, this month, I will.
A black slag heap
Towering, lowering, glowering
Poised –

Darkness roars down
Broken intentions clog my lungs
Plans started not finished started not finished
Shame up my nostrils
Worthlessness in my throat
Game over, my friend.

But a faint voice –
Nearer now
A ragged circle of light
A hand, fingers stretched
Grasps mine.

My empty full exciting useless brain
Has a name, it seems…
And I am not alone.



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