All Mothers Love their Kids

All mothers love their kids
We know it’s true
All mothers love their kids
It must be you.

Doesn’t matter what you say
We’ll look askance
A mother can’t be cruel
There’s not a chance.

Shut up and go away
Just hide your shame
Our minds are set, we’ll always say
That you’re to blame.

We all agree, we must agree
And you’re a threat
We’ll say your mother’s kind, although
We’ve never met.

We shut our eyes and close our ranks
Stick to our own
You’ve told the truth, so you deserve
To be alone.

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash.

“Why is it so difficult to publicly talk about maternal abuse? Because it is a taboo, due to the sanctification of motherhood. The idea of mothers as symbols of unconditional love is deeply ingrained in society. People avoid this topic because it is very controversial. “There is no love like a mother’s love.” This is what most people believe in. And when it comes to talk about parental abuse, an abusive father seems more acceptable than an abusive mother – mothers are perceived as the source of the most pure and unconditional love. But, unfortunately, this is not always true. Because of the above-mentioned, victims of maternal abuse suffer twice: as a result of the abuse itself, and as a result of victim shaming, victim blaming and not being believed.” –  Not Every Mother is a Mom: Maternal Abuse Awareness

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