A Note for Raymond

Raymond looks at the office clock for the tenth time in the past two minutes. Ten seconds to half five… nine… eight… seven… He switches off his computer and pats his pockets: keys, wallet, pen, comb. He picks up his briefcase and is lifting his coat from its hook just as the second hand sweeps … More A Note for Raymond

That’s Me Dead

That’s me dead. At least, I should be dead – there’s a heck of a lot of blood gushing from my guts. Or from the gaping wound which used to be my guts. It’s funny, isn’t it, you think some dread disease’ll carry you off, or you’ll be bored to death by Saturday night telly, … More That’s Me Dead

Thank you!

A big thank you to Ratika Deshpande for listing my blog among her favourites for 2016, over at Scribblings of a Storyteller I couldn’t be more chuffed xx