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How I Overcame Resistance (ish)

Do you struggle with resistance? Then you’ll definitely relate to this.

The Writing Process · Writing Tips & Advice

Padding Out the Outline…

Are you too concise? Good at short stories but unsure whether you have the writing stamina to last for a whole novel? Well, I’ll join you. I’m getting near the end of my outlining process and beginning to wonder if I can actually expand the few sentences of each of my chapter outlines into two… Continue reading Padding Out the Outline…

The Writing Process · Writing Tips & Advice

Writing Tip o’ the Day

Which is not to say I’ll be managing to post a writing tip every day, but here goes. Ask yourself two questions as you’re writing a scene, or outlining your novel: “What’s the worst that could happen here?  And what’s the best that could happen?” I considered this in relation to the novel I’m outlining… Continue reading Writing Tip o’ the Day

The Writing Process · Writing Tips & Advice

Jelly and Outlining a Novel

I haven’t posted any more stories for a short while because I’ve been trying to outline material for a full length novel. Well, an 80-90,000 novel. That’s what I’ve learned is the standard, acceptable length for the average adult fiction. Dividing it into Three Acts, and subdividing those into chapters. It was like trying to… Continue reading Jelly and Outlining a Novel